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Stay tuned for "Save the Date" for our upcoming Social event! 



CHIPPER DAYS have been taken over by the Marin Wildfire Prevention Authority. Here's the link to all the Chipper Days scheduled for 2023.


You MUST register in advance. You may register for more than one date, but you have to do them one at a time. Capacity for the various dates fills up, so do this soon if you know your schedule for piling up fire-safeing debris.


Click the link above, then click the button for the date you want to register for. Answer the question then give them your address. It's quick and easy!




Our FLOCK SECURITY SYSTEM is installed and working. All cameras are functioning well. 

If you don't currently participate in the FLOCK SECURITY SYSTEM and would like to, please email lriaboard@gmail.com and let us know. Camera footage is available only to those who participate and help pay for the cameras!


The Los Ranchitos Improvement Association (LRIA) is an association representing the homeowners and residents of the Los Ranchitos neighborhood in unicorporated northern San Rafael, California, since 1952. The LRIA mission is to maintain the spirit of the Los Ranchitos neighborhood and to help its residents preserve a very special way of life.


Los Ranchitos (from the Spanish "little ranches") is a quaint and distinctive area of 1+ acre properties only moments away from highway 101, in the distinguished award winning Dixie school district, and near to many local community resources and shopping facilities.


The approximately 170 properties that make up this small community date back to the late 1940s and it is believed that many lots were originally purchased as country homes for those living in San Francisco, a mere 16 miles to the southeast of Los Ranchitos.


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Connect with your neighbors by joining our Nextdoor.com community at https://nextdoor.com/neighborhood/losranchitosca--san-rafael--ca/


LRIA Mailing Address:

Los Ranchitos Improvement Association

P. O. Box 4146

San Rafael, CA 94913-4146


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